What does your warranty include?

Our roof warranty includes a 5 year No Leak Workmanship Warranty, which covers any issues due to installation. Our warranty does not cover damage due to Acts of God, such as hurricanes, hail or straight line winds.  Roof material defects are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty for 25-50 years depending on the products. Other trades, such as siding and gutters, include a 1 year workmanship warranty.

Are your crews insured?

Watergate Roofing is licensed, bonded and insured, and our crews are required to hold at least $1 million dollar General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation policies.

FAQ’s Roofing

What are those ugly black streaks on my roof?

The black streaks you commonly see on older roofs are algae growth on the shingles, which is a result of moisture remaining on certain areas that do not get as much sun as others, which is generally the north slope.

Is ice and water shield necessary?

Ice and water shield is an impenetrable water barrier that adheres directly to the roof deck, and helps prevent ice damns from forming. We install ice and water shield in all valleys, around chimneys, and highly recommend installing it around low sloped areas and eaves that are prone to ice build up.

Are ridge vents better than box vents?

On most homes, ridge vent offers more ventilation per square foot than box vents, and are more aesthetically pleasing.  If you have a very steep roof, box vents might be a better choice.

What will happen to my satellite dish?

Your satellite dish must be detached and reset during the replacement of your roof system. Most of the time the dish is lined correctly, with no interruption to service. If service is interrupted and the dish must be re-aligned, we will reimburse the cost based on the invoice from the cable company service call.

How do I prevent ice dams?

If you have had issues with ice dams in the past, and are replacing your roof, installing ice and water shield in the problematic areas will prevent ice from forming under the shingles.  Home remedies such as heating cables and even panty hose filled with rock salt, can help melt snow and ice to avoid ice dams from forming.

Do you protect my gutters and landscaping while replacing the roof?

Keep in mind your property will be a dirty, messy, loud job site during the installation of your new roof. Our crews do their best to not damage gutters and landscaping, but you will always find a few nails and random debris after clean up. Debris collected in the gutters during installation will be removed, but you can count on some debris making its way out of the downspouts after the first rain.  If you have new plants that cannot withstand any rough handling, your best bet is to cover the plant with a bucket. Tarping landscaping often does more harm than good because the crew will walk on the tarp, not knowing what is under it. If you have special instructions to protect certain plants, please let your project manager know BEFORE installation.

Is it really better to tear off the old roof?

Although code does allow for 2 layers of roofing, your manufacturer’s warranty on material is void if installing shingles over an existing roof.  We do not offer a workmanship warranty on second layers because it is impossible to determine cause and fault of leaks when there is more than one roof system. 

How do I know if my roof needs replaced?

There are many factors that determine whether your roof needs replaced, or simply repaired. Call for a free inspection, and our project managers will be able to guide you in the right direction.

What roofing material do you use?

We partner with several local material distributors and have access to all brands of roofing material. Our project managers can explain features and benefits of products to suit your needs, and budget.

FAQ’s Siding

Should I re-side using Hardiplank or vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is a cost effective, low maintenance product, offered in an array of colors and styles to fit the character of any home. Insulation can also be added to help increase energy efficiency.  Hardiplank is a more expensive option, but offers a 30 year manufacturer’s material warranty, and offers the high end look of wood lap siding without the maintenance.

Isn't it less costly to just repaint my home?

Painting your home will be less expensive short term, but requires maintenance every few years, unlike vinyl siding or hardiplank.

Is vinyl siding really as durable as everyone says?

Vinyl siding, when installed correctly, holds up very well against wind and hail. If hail does damage your siding, it is possible to replace only the damaged panels, unlike aluminum siding. The only downside is color fading, especially on darker colors, due to sun exposure, which happens over time.

If painting isn't required, how do I maintain my vinyl siding?

Keep your vinyl siding looking new by pressure washing every elevation once every year or two, to rid it of algae and mildew growth. If you see any loose panels, have them repaired immediately to avoid damage from straight line winds.

Is one season better than another to have my new siding installed?

Siding can be installed any time of the year, because it is made to expand and contract with changing temperatures; although, during the wet seasons, your yard may be damaged from foot traffic on the job site during installation. 



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