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Fascia & Soffits

Fascia and Soffit repair in indianapolis indiana

For professional fascia board replacement and soffit installation, you can trust the experts at Watergate Roofing. Request an estimate for your Indianapolis home today by calling (317) 807-6637.


The Importance of Fascia & Soffits

Fascia and soffits are two important parts of your home’s roofing system. The soffit is an exposed piece of siding located directly under the roof’s overhang. The fascia is a long straight board positioned above the soffit and along the lower edge of the roof. These crucial pieces of hardware play a vital role in protecting your home.

  • Soffit contains the venting for your roof, which helps to keep a steady airflow between the roof and the attic.

  • Soffit prevents moisture from building up, thus preventing mold from growing inside your home.

  • Soffit helps to release heat from the attic during the hot summer months.

  • Soffit keeps animals and insects such as bees, wasps, and birds out of your home.

  • Gutter systems are installed on the fascia, which needs to be in optimal condition to support the gutters.

  • Fascia is visible to those who see your home, whereas soffit is not as visible. Keep the fascia in good condition to maximize your home’s curb appeal.

Fascia and soffit repairs near indianapolis indiana

Soffit & Fascia Repairs

Fascia and soffit replacement can be costly to fix if not taken care of properly. The moment you notice a problem in either of these areas, it’s best to call a professional roofing contractor so you can avoid future expensive repairs. Watergate Roofing restores soffits and fascia to their like-new condition with these types of repairs:

  • Replace boards that have cracks or holes

  • Install gutter aprons to prevent moisture intrusion

  • Replace fascia or soffits that have rotted

  • Install replacement pieces for older homes that need additional venting

fascia and soffit repair and replacement in indianapolis indiana and nearby

Quality Workmanship

Watergate Roofing is proud to serve the Indianapolis area with our fascia board replacement and soffit installation solutions. Since 2013, we have been assisting homeowners in Carmel, Broad Ripple, Westfield, Bloomington, and beyond. Call us at (317) 807-6637 to request an estimate today.

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