How do I know if my home suffered damage from the storm?

Unless shingles are missing from your roof, or you have water leaks showing up inside your home, it is impossible to know whether you have suffered hail or wind damage. Call us for a free inspection, and a Project Manager will be able to determine if you have storm damage, and if the damage is significant enough to warrant an insurance claim. 


Will my insurance rates go up if I file a claim?

Most insurance companies cannot raise the rates of an individual based on one claim for storm damage, because it is a “no fault” claim; you did not cause it, and could not have avoided it. It is possible your rates will increase whether you file a claim or not, based on your zip code, and the number of claims filed in the area, which will determine if it is a “high risk” area.

Do I call my agent to file a claim?

Most significant storm damage claims are handled by the Catastrophe Claims Center of your insurance company, not the local agent. Your insurance company will send out specially trained Catastrophe Adjusters to inspect the loss in the field, and write the scope of repairs to the property.  The Catastrophe Claims phone number is usually found on your policy, or a quick search on the internet. Our Project Managers have contact information for most insurance companies.

Will the insurance company pay for upgraded material?

Your insurance company will not pay for material upgrades, or any additional work outside the scope of loss.  Most insurance companies do offer discounts for certain shingles and new roofs, so be sure to ask your agent what discounts you are eligible for.

Should I have my contractor meet with my adjuster?

It is vitally important that your contractor meets with the adjuster to inspect your home. Most of the time a scope of repairs can be agreed upon on site, which helps expedite the process, and two pairs of eyes are better than one to ensure all damage is seen and properly documented.

Why is my insurance company sending only a partial payment for the repairs?

Your insurance company holds back depreciation, a portion of the claim payment based on age and condition of the material, and deducts the deductible, which is the homeowner’s financial responsibility. The insurance company will release the depreciation payment once all the repairs have been completed, and proper documentation has been provided from your contractor.

What is a supplement?

A supplement is request for additional payment due to unforeseen repairs, additional work not previously documented, or an increase in pricing due to a time lapse from inspection to installation. All supplements are the financial responsibility of your insurance company, and are common with most homeowner’s insurance claims. Your Project Manager will provide all necessary documentation to the insurance company for any necessary supplements. 



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