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3 Common Types of Hail Damage

With the warmer weather comes spring and summer rains, and sometimes hail. While most of the time, the hail is small, Mother Nature has been known to occasionally drop large chunks of ice from the sky. So while you might be safe inside your home, the roof isn’t so lucky. Hail damage on your roof isn’t something to be ignored, so you should call Watergate Roofing. We can help repair and patch this damage before it becomes something worse. Keep reading to learn about the three common types of hail damage that we repair.

3 Common Types of Hail Damage

1. Shingle Damage

As hail falls from the sky, it dings each shingle in its path. Unfortunately, these dings cause dents in the shingles, knocking off the protective gravel coating. While the damage might not look obvious from the ground, a closer look will show otherwise. Eventually, these dents lead to water leaks and further cracking of shingles.

2. Flashing Dents

The flashing is the collection of metal strips that seal the space between your chimney and your roof. This means it’s also susceptible to hail damage. In addition, the heavy pieces of ice can dent and warp the flashing, allowing water to seep between your masonry and the attic space. Even minor damage to the flashing should be repaired as this can lead to significant water leaks.

3. Cracked Vent Boots

Another common area that hail likes to beat up is the rubber vent boots that cover either your dryer vent or even the furnace vent. Eventually, that crack can grow and start to leak into your attic space. Water damage can also corrode the vent pipe, leaving you with a major ventilation issue where you don’t want one.

Repair the Storm Damage Right Away

Storm damage on your roof needs to be addressed right away. So, don’t wait! Call Watergate Roofing. We can help you with the insurance claim and have a new roof on your home in no time. We can even replace damaged chimney flashing and gutters or do a full roof inspection. So, if you live in the Indianapolis, IN, area, request your free estimate by calling (317) 807-6637.