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3 Reasons Roof Inspections are Important

A roof inspection is an important part of homeownership. An inspection can help identify potential problems with your roof before they become costly repairs. Knowing the condition of your roof also allows you to prepare for any of those future repairs. Still, there are so many other reasons to get an inspection from Watergate Roofing, so let’s look at three of those below.

3 Reasons Roof Inspections are Important

1. You Need a Roof Inspection for a Warranty Repair

Your roof could leak for several reasons, but a warranty may cover only a few. With an inspection, you can better decide whether or not your roofing repair is a warranty claim. Once you’ve filed a claim, a contractor can visit your home and provide an estimate for repairs. This information helps many homeowners determine whether they want to foot the bill or file a claim.

2. An Inspection Can Identify a Leak

Heavy spring and summer rains often trigger roof leaks. But if you don’t have a trained eye, identifying water’s entryway can be difficult. Thankfully, a roofing inspection can help determine where a leak is originating. The report can also provide you with guidance on how to resolve the problem.

3. Roof Inspections Are a Form of a Preventative Maintenance

Even if you’re not having current issues, a roof inspection is great preventative maintenance. Leaks can sprout up instantly, so a report will tell you where they’re likely to occur. You can take what you find in the report and make repairs immediately. Doing so will help save you money in the long run.

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