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5 Signs a Roof Leak Is Too Big to Handle

A leak in your roof can be a real headache. Not only can it damage your belongings and furniture, but it can also lead to larger structural issues if it’s not addressed properly. While you might try and fix the problem yourself, it’s important to know when a roof leak is too big to handle on your own. Let’s explore some possible scenarios when you need to call in the professionals at Watergate Roofing.

5 Signs a Roof Leak is Too Big to Handle

1. Visible Damage to the Roof

One of the most obvious signs that a roof leak is too big to tackle alone is when there is visible damage to the roof. This can be anything from missing shingles to a large hole or crack. If you’re not comfortable climbing up on your roof to inspect the damage, you can use binoculars to get a closer look. Keep in mind that even if the damage looks minor, it could lead to larger issues if not repaired properly.

2. Water Stains on Ceilings or Walls

If you notice water stains on your ceilings or walls, it’s a sign that water is penetrating your roof and making its way into your home. While it may be tempting to simply paint over the stain and ignore it, it’s important to address the root cause of the issue. These stains can also be a sign that the leak has been ongoing for some time and has caused additional damage that may need to be repaired.

3. Multiple Leaks

If you notice multiple leaks in your roof, it’s a sign that the issue may be more extensive than you initially thought. In these cases, it’s best to bring in professionals to assess the damage and make recommendations on how to move forward. Trying to handle multiple leaks on your own can quickly become overwhelming and lead to further damage.

4. DIY Attempts Have Failed

If you’ve already tried to fix the leak yourself and the problem persists, it’s a sign that it’s time to call Watergate Roofing. Trying to fix the issue on your own after multiple attempts have failed can cause further damage and lead to larger repair bills down the road. Our team of roofers will be able to assess the damage and provide recommendations on how to address the issue properly.

5. Safety Concerns

Last but not least, safety should always be the top priority for roof repairs. If you’re uncomfortable working at heights or don’t have the proper safety equipment, it’s best to leave the repairs to us. Falling off a roof can cause serious injury or even death, so taking all necessary precautions is important.

Don’t Let a Leaky Roof Ruin Your Day

While there are many things you can fix on your own at home, your roof isn’t always one of them. Replacing a missing shingle differs greatly from addressing a real leaky concern. So, when the job becomes too much to handle, call Watergate Roofing at (317) 807-6637. We serve the entire Indianapolis, IN, community, so you know we’ll be there for you. We can also replace gutter systems, chimney flashing, and siding.