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Don’t Wait to Replace Your Roof

Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof can be a tough choice to make. If several contractors have told you it’s time to bite the bullet and replace your roof, don’t wait another year to have it done.

Replacing a roof is similar to changing the tires on your car. You don’t want to wait until there is zero tread on your tires, and run the risk of having a blow out on the freeway.


AGE: Roofs in Indiana need to be replaced once every seven years, due to hail and wind damage. Even if a roof has not been directly impacted by storms, age and inclement weather give roofs a lifespan of around 20-25 years.

SHINGLES: If a roof isn’t nailed properly, it can appear to be in good shape. High winds, however, can cause several shingles to blow up, but not off a roof, trapping water underneath them, leading to a roof leak. The shingles then settle back down, leading you to believe your roof is fine. At this point, you should have your roof inspected, to make sure all your shingles are securely fastened.

GRANULES IN THE GUTTER: This is a sign your roof is getting older, and weather is taking a toll on it. Granules help keep the sun from baking the asphalt in your shingles. Once most of your granules are gone, your shingle tabs will lose their adhesion, possibly causing leaks, and your air conditioning bill will most likely increase.

TWO LAYERED ROOFS: Putting an additional layer on a roof is never a good idea! The shingles age twice as quickly as single layered roofs. And if there is ever a leak, be ready for twice the expenses. Hopefully the leak will show up in a timely manner, instead of a slow, hidden leak that rots the decking.

CURLING, BLISTERS AND BUCKLING: These problems are all caused by inadequate ventilation of your roof. If ignored for too long, the heat and moisture trapped in your attic can cause the decking to rot, and possibly cause mold or mildew growth, and your home to be significantly warmer during the hotter months.

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