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Why Gutter Guards Are Beneficial in the Fall

With the leaves falling here in Central Indiana, many homeowners are left cleaning out their gutters regularly. And, if you’re not doing so, then you’re setting yourself up for some disaster this winter. Thankfully, you can avoid all that time spent cleaning when you allow Watergate Roofing to install gutter guards. Here are several main reasons why guards are beneficial, especially this time of year.

Why Gutter Guards Are Beneficial in the Fall

Saves Time & Money

Gutter guards can save homeowners time and money in a few ways. First, by keeping the gutters clean, guards reduce the amount of time needed for maintenance, especially in the fall. You won’t be spending every Saturday afternoon cleaning out gutters and, therefore, can focus on other things. Additionally, because guards keep out debris, you’ll extend the life of your gutters and reduce your risk of roof or gutter damage.

Deters Mice, Birds, & Other Pests

Gutter guards can also help to deter pests such as mice, birds, and other animals. The openings in the guard are too small for these creatures to get through, so they will be less likely to try and build a home in your gutters. Some pests will even go as far as to burrow into your attic through your gutters if given the chance. So, by blocking this entry off, you’re protecting your family and your home.

Improves Water Flow

Another main benefit of having gutter guards is that they improve water flow. By keeping the gutters clear of debris, the water can flow freely and not get backed up. This is important, especially during the winter when melting snow and ice can cause roof and gutter damage. Gutters that are backed up with water can also lead to the formation of ice dams, which can be very costly to repair.

Make the Investment in Your Home

If you’re concerned about the safety of your home and want to avoid costly repairs, then gutter guards are a wise investment. Watergate Roofing can help you choose the right guards for your home and install them quickly and efficiently. We can even do a roofing inspection and repairs so you’re home is ready for winter. So, if you live in Indianapolis, IN, or the surrounding areas, Get your estimate today by calling (317) 807-6637.